See what's new with Raster. We're always adding functionality and improving design so please check back regularly for updates.

The April Fools Update

  • Raster is now on the blockchain
  • All your pictures are NFTs now
  • Just kidding... here are the real updates:

New! Personal Organizations

We're introducing Personal Organizations! While not truly an Organization, it behaves like one in the sense that you can create Personal libraries within it. Every Raster user now has a Personal organization that will remain free to use forever. The only limitations of Personal Organizations versus Organizations is that you cannot invite other users to your personal Organization.

New Features

  • Transfer photos between libraries by dragging and dropping
  • Bulk invites! You can now invite more than one user to Raster, at a time
  • You can now "Empty trash" with one click
  • Improved Organization settings UX
  • Improved messaging when accessing an Organization you don't have access to
  • API key managament is now restricted to Organization owners

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where, in some instances, you could save a duplicate view infinitely
  • Fixed an issue where you could not save Organization settings
  • Fixed an issue where alerts & notifications in Raster were overlapping
  • Fixed an issue where the drop zone did not appear whilst drag and dropping
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The API Update

Raster now has a public API! 🎉 Learn more at

More Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where signing in to Raster did not take you to your previously viewed library
  • Fixed an issue where Raster would break if you signed in after previously viewing a library that you no longer have access to
  • If you attempt to sign in to Raster and don't yet have Beta access, you'll now automagically be added to the Beta list
  • Improved tag autocompletion
  • Back-end improvements

Website Updates

  • You can now access the Raster website while signed in to Raster by visiting
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The Stability Update

For this month, we made tons of backend updates to ensure Raster runs smoothly.

  • Organization switcher now has a slightly refined look & feel
  • Mobile sidebar toggle switch is now much more usable

More Updates

  • Upgraded SvelteKit to 1.0! 🎉
  • (yes this means the new layout structure)
  • Show friendly errors if you're snooping around in Organizations you don't have access to
  • Removed unnecessary logic that was called on every page navigate
  • Fixed an issue where an Organization would load forever
  • Fixed instance where errors would not show in light mode because they were the same color as the background
  • Fixed bug where Raster would occasionally throw a 404 error (this one was pesky, but we found it and squashed it)

Website Updates

  • We launched Raster Blog
  • Performance improvments
  • Raster Design System usability improvements
  • You can now copy the SVG of an icon in Raster Design System
  • Fixed incorrect share metadata
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Transformation! 🎉

We introduced a new "Transform" pane! This includes three cool new edits.

  • Rotation rotates the image within the current frame. This is useful for correcting a slightly misaligned photo or creating a flat horizon
  • Orientation works as you expect. Rotate your entire canvas by 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Flip allows you to mirror your image across the X axis, Y axis, or both.

More Updates

  • Better docs @
  • Status monitoring @
  • Changelog looks a bit more beautiful
  • Some new icons
  • Improved Welcome flow with less steps
  • Fixed an issue where a long organization URL prevented you from being able to edit your library URL
  • Type-ahead autocomplete on user tags in the Photo sidebar
  • Removed autocomplete and autocorrect in some instances where it was not helpful at all
  • More clear error messages when editing Organization settings
  • Segmented controls are now a bit more graceful and smooth. This change has also been reflected in the Raster Design System
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Introducing Libraries

Workspaces are now Libraries, and paired with Organizations, are now a lot more powerful. A Library is a collection of images in Raster. A Library also contains its own subset of tags and users. You can transfer a Library to another Organization within Raster.

New onboarding flow

We've added a quick Welcome flow in Raster (< 90s).

It guides new users through choosing their display mode, creating their first organization and library, and uploading their first photos.


  • Improved 404 pages, when you don't have access to view a workspace
  • Added ability to change Library URL
  • Two new actions in the command palette: "Switch organization" and "Open Library"
  • Command palette now has separate actions which can be called
  • Fixed layout shift on command palette, which is now faster
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Easier cropping and transforming

Cropping photos just got way easier. Users will be able to use a familiar interface, and control the maximum width and height of the image in the Output pane.

Archive versions

Based on user feedback, we learned that Raster needed a way to archive versions. We've added that, and redesigned the interface in the meantime. Now, you can archive versions, and view archived versions in any image.


  • Our website now supports light and dark mode
  • For accessibility, users who prefer high contrast or users who who prefer reduced motion are respected on the app and website
  • We've removed the Details pane in the image editor and spread it into the other panes
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User settings

Previously, users had no way to view or change their profile information, like name, email, or profile picture. We've added that in the latest update.

Light mode

Toggle light or dark mode with the flip of a switch. Or, use your system settings (default).

Right click actions

Right click on any photo or tag to bring up options, like copying many URLs at once, or copying a tag's link.


  • Faster processing times on images (up to 2x)
  • Better support for HEIC and HEIF image types
  • Use the right/left arrow keys to navigate through images
  • Added link to documentation in the profile dropdown
  • While in edit mode, hitting escape will exit out of edit mode, instead of closing the image
  • Better emails. All of Raster's emails are now branded and have a more consistent look
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New photo editor

Raster's photo editor got a major upgrade from a list of parameters to an interactive and engaging tool to quickly make changes.

Introducing versions

Versions are a way to make changes to a photo without creating an entirely new one, leaving your workpsace nice and clean. Create a new version by hitting the "Edit" button on any image.

  1. Each version has its own unique URL
  2. Versions are non-destructive (they cannot be edited afterwards)
  3. You can have unlimited versions on an image


  • Faster frontend performance. Raster now supports thousands of images on one page.
  • No more invite link. Users can log into Raster using their invited email; no need to use the link in the email.
  • Faster image load times. Raster preloads images it expects you to open soon.
  • Version data is now shown in the sidebar (created date, width, height)
  • Support for GIF images added
  • The file extension is now removed from the image name when uploading
  • AI tags are able to be deleted
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