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Updates for June 31, 2022

New photo editor

Raster's photo editor got a major upgrade from a list of parameters to an interactive and engaging tool to quickly make changes.

Introducing versions

Versions are a way to make changes to a photo without creating an entirely new one, leaving your workpsace nice and clean. Create a new version by hitting the "Edit" button on any image.

  1. Each version has its own unique URL
  2. Versions are non-destructive (they cannot be edited afterwards)
  3. You can have unlimited versions on an image


  • Faster frontend performance. Raster now supports thousands of images on one page.
  • No more invite link. Users can log into Raster using their invited email; no need to use the link in the email.
  • Faster image load times. Raster preloads images it expects you to open soon.
  • Version data is now shown in the sidebar (created date, width, height)
  • Support for GIF images added
  • The file extension is now removed from the image name when uploading
  • AI tags are able to be deleted
Now in Public Beta

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Thumbnails of four photographs as depicted in Raster