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Updates for April 1, 2023

The April Fools Update

  • Raster is now on the blockchain
  • All your pictures are NFTs now
  • Just kidding... here are the real updates:

New! Personal Organizations

We're introducing Personal Organizations! While not truly an Organization, it behaves like one in the sense that you can create Personal libraries within it. Every Raster user now has a Personal organization that will remain free to use forever. The only limitations of Personal Organizations versus Organizations is that you cannot invite other users to your personal Organization.

New Features

  • Transfer photos between libraries by dragging and dropping
  • Bulk invites! You can now invite more than one user to Raster, at a time
  • You can now "Empty trash" with one click
  • Improved Organization settings UX
  • Improved messaging when accessing an Organization you don't have access to
  • API key managament is now restricted to Organization owners

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where, in some instances, you could save a duplicate view infinitely
  • Fixed an issue where you could not save Organization settings
  • Fixed an issue where alerts & notifications in Raster were overlapping
  • Fixed an issue where the drop zone did not appear whilst drag and dropping
Now in Public Beta

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Raster is a digital asset manager for modern teams, saving time organizing, editing, and hosting photography.

Thumbnails of four photographs as depicted in Raster