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Updates for January 26, 2023

The API Update

Raster now has a public API! 🎉 Learn more at

More Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where signing in to Raster did not take you to your previously viewed library
  • Fixed an issue where Raster would break if you signed in after previously viewing a library that you no longer have access to
  • If you attempt to sign in to Raster and don't yet have Beta access, you'll now automagically be added to the Beta list
  • Improved tag autocompletion
  • Back-end improvements

Website Updates

  • You can now access the Raster website while signed in to Raster by visiting
Now in Public Beta

Ready to give Raster a try?

Raster is a digital asset manager for modern teams, saving time organizing, editing, and hosting photography.

Thumbnails of four photographs as depicted in Raster